Albion Skin Conditioner Paper Mask 1 Ounce DKAMURLFQ

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This lotion-infused paper mask fits snugly to the skin with a refreshing and pleasant sensation.Formulated with Job's Tears extract which Albion specially cultivates in Hokkaido, Skin Conditioner Paper Mask boosts the skin self-recuperative ability and regulates cell renewal cycle to keep the skin healthy and less prone to breakouts, irritation and dullness.Skin Conditioner Paper Mask also refines the skin texture and brightens up dull skin, delivering visibly more radiant, clear and translucent skin.Contents: 12ml x 8pcs, Made in Japan

A Skin Conditioner Essential Paper Mask That Maintains The Health Of Skin That Is Prone To Losing Its Equilibrium Due To Season, Climate, Etc. It Provides Moisture To Skin Damaged By Uv Rays Or Skin That Tends To Be Dry And Conditions It To Produce Beautiful Skin With Innate Whiteness And Translucency. Made In Japan.

Albion Skin Conditioner Paper Mask 1 Ounce DKAMURLFQ

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